Six Products That Will Transform Your Powder Room

Six Products That Will Transform Your Powder Room

In creating a minimalistic but luxurious bathroom, any room really, I definitely use a less is more approach. I personally love a uniform aesthetic throughout my home and tend to buy the same products and towels for every bathroom. It makes it easier to clean and I never have to worry about putting wrong towel set in the wrong room. 

Today, I wanted to share six essentials that have given my bathrooms an uplifted,  upscale look. 


One thing my mom taught me after years of working for a luxury hotel is to only buy white towels and bed linens. You'll never have to worry about accidentally bleaching them and when they need a refresh, you can always find a new set.

My favorite set are these towels from H by Frette - I think they get softer with every wash and stay fluffy longer. You can get a set of (2) for $42.00 on Amazon. They're a little expensive upfront but they last a really long time. 

Hand Wash

I'm obsessed with aethestics for sure but I also want my hand wash to actually work, smell amazing, and leave my hands feeling soft not dry. Aesop products are by far my go-to. This Bergamont Duet Set is an absolute staple. 


I couldn't NOT do a bit of self promotion and add a Reset & Co. Candle to my list of essentials. What I love about our candles is that they come in a really simple but modern glass vessel and are sans labels. That's really important when the aesthetic of the hand wash/cream labels are meant to be the forefront. I like the scent of our Driftwood & Juniper candle in partnership with the Bergamont from the Aesop hand wash set. 

Toilet Spray/Drops

I know this isn't just me but I get totally self conscious when duty calls at a friend's house. The last thing I want is someone walking into the restroom after me and going, "whoa". While I love a candle, it doesn't really block the smell, just covers it up which is why I like to leave a toilet spray or drops within reach. I found this toilet spray on Amazon for just $16 for a set of two. Simply spray the solution into the bowl before you go and it helps reduce the smell from rising.

Tissue Box Cover

Why, oh why do companies insist on putting tissues in crazy colored boxes? They're so ugly and distract from all the hard work you put in to make your home beautiful. I like to hide the tissue box with a chic cover like this leather one from Carrot's Den -- they're only $9.99 on Amazon!

Personal Wipes & Cover

My final powder room essential is, of course, a set of personal wipes to leave you and your guests feeling fresh. If you don't have a drawer nearby to store them in for easy access, I suggest this wet wipe storage box that you can leave on top of the toilet. Another affordable buy on Amazon for $11.99. 

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