I’ve always had a love for crafts since I was a little girl. I used to make jewelry out of all types of beads, taught myself how to knit, and learned how to make soap at a very early age. As I got older, my love for candles grew when I started looking for a more relaxing way to bring seasonal scents into my space.

Over time, however, I started noticing soot buildup on my walls and around the jar after my candle burned for a bit. This seemed a bit alarming, so I started investigating the various types of candles and their chemical components. Upon further research, I started learning about the ins and outs of wax types, wick types and everything in between. My crafting brain was instantly ignited once again and I started envisioning the idea of making my own version of a quality candle that was toxin-free, eco-friendly and provided a luxurious experience for the user. Before I knew it, I had created exactly what I envisioned and felt a positive shift at a time in my life where I was searching for an outlet. With this being the case, it felt like the perfect time to build on this shift and develop Reset & Co. Candle! 

Reset candles are meant to fit into any space with their versatile, minimalist jars and seasonal scent options that allow them to blend into whatever vibe is yours!

Shannon Marie <3

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